RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Mat Ex Large
BR3001 783 x 303 x 3mm Ex Large
Top:Microfiber Fabric
Base: Nature Rubber foam
Key Specifications:
1.High lux guiding Optical Fiber
2.New generation of microfiber textile
   surface designed for Gaming.
3. Nature Rubber base ensure the
   excellent anti-skid grip on desktop.
4.Illumination modes default-
    (1)7 solid Color & Dimming,
    (3)Chroma Rainbow.
5. mode recovered from last power off.
6. PCBA with MCU embedded avail
   customized lighting modes coding.
Customized Packaging:

Lighting Modes:

Mode 1: Solid color illumination (default “Green”).

  • 1x push:color changed – “Red”, “Blue”, “Yellow”, “light Blue” , “Purple”,“White”, then “Green” .
  • 2x push:switch to mode 2.
  • Push & holding: diming

Mode 2: Solid color Breathing.

  • 1x push:color changed.
  • 2x push:switch to mode 3.
  • Push & holding: NA

Mode 3: Chroma mode.

  • 1x push:paused at the current RGB color, continue the RGB mode.
  • 1x push again.
  • 2x push:switch to mode 4.
  • Push & holding: diming

Mode 4: Off

  • 2x push: switch to mode 1.
  • mode recovered from last power off.